Carolina Wren in Winter


A frigid morning. The deck cracks and pops. I stuffed the suet feeder full of a dead animal’s energy and trust it will help see the birds through another day of survival. To maintain their core body temperature, they must continually stake their inner furnace to fund flight. I am doing my part by offering a continual supply of clean, fresh suet. A few years ago, we bird-splurged on a heated birth bath. My neighbor has one humming a few doors away as well. I am certain the avian community is aware of the location of the few working watering holes, just like they flutter in right on time for a jab of pearly white suet.

Yesterday, I was rewarded with repeated views of Hairy and Downy woodpeckers (great for size comparisons) as well as a Red-Bellied woodpecker, and my favorite, the saucy Carolina Wren. The wrens are vulnerable to an icy death, since they seem to remain in their natal neighborhoods to be pounded by the wind and ice and sleet of winter. If conditions are extreme for too long, and food is not available to keep their tiny hearts pumping, they perish. How were they missed on the migration thing? With Red-Footed Falcons making their way from the coast of Africa to the beaches of Cape Cod, why can’t a Carolina Wren find her way out of my backyard to find a seed in Virginia?

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2 Responses to Carolina Wren in Winter

  1. Bevson says:

    I wish, oh wish, I could put out suet…but the bears love it too. One of my ursine neighbors made off with my suet cage a few years ago and I have still not found it. Heavy sigh. No Carolina Wrens here on the MTN. Maybe mine migrate to you???

  2. joyce says:

    Today the robins were feasting on our lawn getting ready and fattening up for their long flight back to you. Spring can not be far away. I’ll let you know when they leave , it is sudden and becomes quite quiet here in the morning.

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