Nantucket Island!

Great Point Lighthouse (not in use anymore)
Writing from Nantucket this week, can you imagine? I never could until a friend invited another writer and me to join her in a personal writers’ retreat on this 14-mile long, 3.5 mile wide island off the coast of Cape Cod. We are staying in the beautiful home owned by my friend’s friend (it gets complicated) and savoring views of both the bay on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.
Issues with the wi-fi prevented earlier postings, so if you have been checking in and not seeing any new posts, please overlook this unscheduled blogging hiatus. I missed you too! On the other hand, I have been out birding Nantucket (Yellow Warblers “sweet-sweeting” in the low brush, a boatload of Eastern Towhees drinking their tea from dawn to dusk, a Northern Harrier rocking over the scrub in the back while baby bunnies hunker down trying not to be spotted. There are also Least Terns and the ubiquitous Black-backed, Herring and Laughing Gulls).
The wind is a constant companion. Some days are worse than others. Every day is a bad hair day but nobody cares. Since it is pre-tourist season, most of the tour operators are not yet open, so the island is relatively quiet; however, we are fortunate that the amazing restaurants ARE. We have yet to have a bad meal–salads, fresh fish, antipasto platters, pomegranate vinegrettes…and…well, it is now time for lunch! Off for some chowder! Until later….

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One Response to Nantucket Island!

  1. Bevson says:

    Ah, the island life. Love it, but I prefer my islands in a more southerly clime.

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