I’m Going to BlogHer


After a recent Life Disappointment, I moped around for awhile feeling sorry for myself and gazing disconsolately out the window. This went on for a few weeks until a friend of mine told me about the BlogHer conference in San Francisco, where bloggers from all walks and talks of life would be gathering to meet and talk about their blogs. It would be an opportunity to meet some of the women whose blogs I regularly enjoy, as well as a chance to learn about the latest and greatest gadgets (I love gadgets). So, I decided to console myself by doing something different, out of the ordinary (for me), far away, exciting, inspiring, invigorating, thought-provoking, challenging, and just plain fun. I signed up!
I’ve wanted to attend since I first learned about this organization. There was a BlogHer business version of this conference in New York this past April (missed that one) but the conference in California is for all bloggers from all walks and talks of life: the Mommy bloggers, the horse bloggers, the birder bloggers, the blabber bloggers. We will mingle with other writers and other minds, learn about each other’s lives, get some questions answered, and generally have a fab time.
So, in a few short weeks, I will be winging my way to San Francisco, where my friend and I will spend a couple of bonus days roaming the Napa Valley (my first time), then return to the city for the opening meeting for newbie BlogHer participants on Thursday evening.
I will be blogging on the spot about the whole thing, so in a sense, I will be bringing you all with me! Can’t wait!

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4 Responses to I’m Going to BlogHer

  1. Sparverius says:

    Can’t wait to hear about it!

  2. Bevson says:

    Mmmm, wine. I hope Napa Valley is as fun as Oregon. San Fran always reminds me of those Rice-A-Roni commercials. It should be a total blast.

  3. Anonymous says:

    *JEALOUS* Good for you! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!-Kim

  4. RevMomVt says:

    So, is this your new hobby? You are amazing! Cc

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