Airports and Hockey Teams


photo from Photobucket

My daily morning pages are being written at Newark Airport at 6:00am this morning. Yawn. I am just this side of being awake. You have to go into a state of suspended animation in airports anyway, pull on your shroud of anonymity to get through the line to check your bag, then onto the next line to struggle through security where you have to pull off your shoes and put them and everything else that is not attached to your body in trays that roll around and fall off onto the floor (not the laptop…Noooooooo!), then get zapped by the x-ray machine while your own body is illuminated for terrorist tendencies. Then, you go sit on line at the gate until you get up and stand on line again to board the plane.

I get myself through these onerous hours by telling myself I am not going anywhere, after all, despite months of planning and anticipation of attending my first BlogHer conference. It calms me, gives me solace, which is sorely needed now since I have suddenly been surrounded by a college hockey team on their way to a game in San Jose. They are VERY excited. Way too much testerone for one little plane. Considering having experienced similar years in my “yute” I cannot complain about them as I recall my own drama group that traveled the east coast in station wagons and mini vans while the guys blew up condoms like balloons and floated them out the window on strings for the carload of us to catch while zooming down America’s highways. I’ll bet these guys never thought to try that, difficult as it might be in a Boeing 737.

And now…it’s time to board and start the journey to BLOGHER!

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2 Responses to Airports and Hockey Teams

  1. RevMomVt says:

    Hi Dd — happy trails and all that as you wing your way to more blogosphere! Please let me know when you return and we can have one of those LONG sister chats to catch up on life.Better yet, perhaps you might be interested in more photo ops in the Northland. You are always welcome, you know!We will be taking some time in mid-August…pending the arrival of the newest Bambino/a.Safe travels!Love, Cc

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have a great trip but don’t change the way you write too much- it is wonderful the way it is! Joyce

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