New Life!

Confession: I am a member of a fractured family. Parents in Florida, brother in the southern part of my state, a sister and her family in New England, two others in New York, one of whom snowbirds in Florida. We rarely see each other, and for me, when we do, there is a mixture of familiarity, sorrow, and longing. I miss my family, despite the thorns.

So yesterday’s news was particularly happy~there is a new baby among us, born to my sister’s daughter, my niece, who I held shortly after she was born in Denver, only a brief lifetime ago. It astonishes me that time has not held still. How can it be that I am the age I am? Not “old” by a long shot (How sad to feel the need to say that. Anyone over 50 years old in this country is relegated to the irrelevant. What mines of wisdom we shut down).

But this is about new life; not ones on the lee side. Congratulations, my sister’s daughter! Welcome to this world! May this earth become a better place because you are in it, not the least of reasons because you are my sister’s granddaughter, and the daughter of MY niece!

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3 Responses to New Life!

  1. RevMomVt says:

    I am honored that you thought to write about Ava’s arrival. She is a bundle of wonderful and a joy to have in the world. AND I well remember you holding her mother, Jody, when she was an equal bundle of wonderful 30 years ago! Thanks, Dd — Cc

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wussup yo.Congratulations!! New babies are always a blast. Enjoy.jvk

  3. Bevson says:

    Ohhh Ava, I love her name. Congratulations on your newest family member. Are you going up to see her?

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