"I Love My MAC…" But Not Quite Yet

How I long to quote that Apple mantra. But I’m not feeling the love just yet.
I wonder if purchasing a MAC has been a good choice. There have been multiple set-up issues; so many in fact, that I have almost longed for the familiarity of Microsoft, which is a little like wanting to listen to Fran Drescher when you were expecting Anthony Pavarotti.
Unfortunately, email set-up issues halted my progress within minutes of pulling it out of the box, so I called tech support, which was unable to help and suggested an escalation. I said no, that I would return it to the Apple store at Paramus NJ, and have them resolve the issue and transfer the data from my Windows laptop to the MAC. I wanted to move forward and continue with the work I had purchased the MAC to do.
The data transfer will take three days, they said. Okay, as long as I have it back by the weekend, which is when I spend a lot of time working on personal projects.
They called me to pick it up Thursday. When I arrived, a young man carried the MAC out and set it up. “All you have to do is put in your password for your email,” he smiled, and turned the machine on.
I typed in my password. Not accepted.
We tried again. No go. The Apple tech deleted the account and set it up again. Still nothing. He turned to a colleague. Nope. More screens, more tries.
They pulled the store manager in. It would not accept even his authority and superior knowledge. After a storefront huddle, they decided to replace the machine, which meant I would have to leave the laptop for another data transfer. Not much of a choice here, so I agreed.
Returned to pick it up the next day. A different Apple tech carried the equipment out. “All done,” he crowed. “Take it home and enjoy!”
I hesitated, then asked: “Could we set it up here to be sure it works?”
He rolled his eyes a little, but yanked the cord from the box, jammed it in to the plug on the wall, turned the machine on and went to the email screen.
“Go ahead and type in your password.”
It didn’t work.
He stood up straighter, eyes riveted to the screen. He repeated the tricks of the day before, and then in frustration, called on another tech. After another 45 minutes, she finally figured it out. I brought it home, but my problems were far from over.
Since then, I have been blocked from saving downloaded files (“You do not have appropriate access privileges”). More tech support calls, disk repairs, password resets. I been not even been able to save new documents written in Pages, which is Apple’s version of Word. I just received frustrating messages: “Cannot create file.”
Last Sunday, during a beautiful afternoon when I should have been at the hawk watch, I called tech support AGAIN. Forty-five minutes later, the tech confessed that he could not solve the problem, and escalated it to the next level. I started over with yet another technician. Forty minutes after that, and deep in the bowels of the machine’s software, the line went dead.
Do tech support lines have time limits? Is that why the techs ask you right away for your phone number, “in case we get cut off?” In this case, the first technician I had spoken to had my number, NOT the one I was talking to when the line went dead.
Incensed, I did not dare call back right away, but went outside and mowed the lawn in half the time it usually takes. Then tried again.
“Look,” I said to the women who answered my call. “I don’t want to start over with you only to go through the same routine. Will you please give me directly to a supervisor?”
“Sure,” she said, and transferred me to Joe from Texas.
Joe was very apologetic. Let me say here that every technician I spoke to was unfailingly courteous. I heard over and over how sorry they were that I was having so many problems, and they all guaranteed they would help and resolve the issues.
Joe and I went at it. After several tries, I finally had to take a break but Joe gave me his contact number and times to call back so I would not have to start over with another tech.
I called back the next evening after work and left him a message. To his credit, he called back after I knew his shift was over, and stayed on the phone with me to resolve the issue of not being able to create a file in Pages. After several “Get Its,” permissions, mirror images and file transfers later, I could finally drag a document from the desktop to its appropriate folder. What a relief. It only took eight Apple technicians, two MAC machines and about 20 hours of my own time to get to a place where I can finally learn how to use the darn thing. That does not count the call made because ITunes would not transfer all the songs from the MAC to my Ipod, or the call to my internet provider to get the machine included on my wireless network. These are separate issues; however, they added to my ocean of frustration.
Will keep you updated. I am still hearing Fran Drescher’s voice.

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5 Responses to "I Love My MAC…" But Not Quite Yet

  1. Anonymous says:

    In the end, you will be much better off with your Mac. Go to Apple School, one on one, weekly for a year, only $100. My friend helped me set up at home, transferrals, plug -ins, etc – I paid him for his services. I can’t imagine any thing but a Mac! Customer service has always been very helpful! Never a problem for me! Deedee

  2. Bevson says:

    I LOVE my Mac. Maybe it is the Leopard. The OS is new after all. Carlos is on pointe if you need/want him. I told him you were having problems. He thinks the Apple store techs are, in general, lacking.

  3. Bevson says:

    I LOVE my Mac. Maybe it is the Leopard. The OS is new after all. Carlos is on pointe if you need/want him. I told him you were having problems. He thinks the Apple store techs are, in general, lacking.

  4. Anonymous says:

    glad to see you are playing thr wii game. I got one for my birthday and I hearby challange you to a game! Joyce

  5. Sparverius says:

    Grrr. I feel your pain.

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