Eileen Ivers and Celtic Music

I love Celtic music! And I am now Eileen Ivers’, “Nine Time All-Ireland Fiddle Champion” newest fan.
This concert was the latest in our local library’s New Legacy concerts that they have hosted for the past seven years. Library volunteers shove book shelves aside and set up rows of chairs in the “Young Adult” section so we are already sitting in the bright energy of youth when the show begins. Tickets are first-come, first-served but we purchased ours over a month ago. It’s a small venue and popular shows sell out quickly.
There was a mixed crowd of children, adults and seniors greeting each other, as they do still in small New Jersey towns. Finally, after introductions and local announcements, the band strode onstage and immediately swept us off the continent of age and into the music that leaves no one behind.
My social persona is usually one of quiet reserve. I am the smiling wallflower at parties, the one who prefers to wash dishes in the kitchen for the hostess than be the target of attention or shallow conversation. But somewhere among the sedate style of my heritage, an Irish eye is smilin’. And the one Irish gene that was passed down to me was the one with the fiddle in it.
There is something about Celtic music that splits my joy wide open, something that makes me believe in green grass and dreams coming true. I am kin to the sad ballads and am moved by memories not my own. This music makes me want to explode right out of my skin. I pound my knees, clap my hands over my head, jump up and down with the drums, I sing, and I follow the fiddle’s screaming heartbeat wherever it takes me.
The joy of music is the best cure for a cold I know of!

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2 Responses to Eileen Ivers and Celtic Music

  1. Bevson says:

    I hear you sister. Celtic music, whether the drone of the bagpipes, the steady thump of the bodhran or the scream of fiddle speak to many people’s souls.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Have you herad of the album called Celtic Women? It is all you have experienced and more and I think the group now has a second album out. I’ll share with you the next time we meet!Joyce

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