Ghost It Forward

I am delighted to be tagged by Arleen of Grey Horse Matters for “Ghost It Forward,” which is a game of sorts involving stories of ghosts or unexplained phenomena.
I’ve been ruminating about what to write about. My friend, Rita, comes to mind. I am not sure this story belongs in a Halloween blog, but suddenly I hear the lilt of Irish laughter and remember Halloween was her favorite day. So, al-righty, then, Rita; we will co-write this blog post. I’ll shove over to share the keyboard….
It seems odd to me now to ask a favor of a dying woman. At the time, it seemed not only normal, but right. Besides, she said yes. I asked Rita, if after she… well…died, if she could, would she mind terribly, if it wasn’t too inconvenient…let me know somehow if she was okay. A sign I would recognize, I added.
I asked her during the afternoon of my last visit. She was dying by inches and had asked me to come.
The conversation was like many others before. We often discussed matters of faith, comparing her devout Catholicism to my randy spirituality. Rita loved her church even while acknowledging its flaws, which meant she quickly forgave the young priest who recently came to see her but who refused to talk about death and dying. So we did instead, in the same way we talked about everything else.
“So, Rita,” I asked. “What do you think it will be like?”
“Well,” she smiled at what had been a frequent topic in our conversations; and then gave our standard answer:
“How the hell am I supposed to know?”
We laughed. Always, we laughed.
“I wonder if it really is like a veil,” I said, “Where you will be able to see us but we can’t see you. Just a simple transparent veil that if we only had the capability, like John Edward, we would be able to understand and not be afraid. We could even look forward to it. Sort of.”
Rita gazed at the ceiling.
“I’m looking forward to seeing my mother and father and my brother who passed away years ago. And Noreen. Especially Noreen.”
Noreen was a daughter, a twin, who had been been killed in an automobile accident ten years before.
Rita continued. “I think heaven will be a place where I will be able to help people in very special ways. Ways that is not possible for me to do now, here.”
So very Rita.
She died four days later.
Fast forward three months. Rita’s husband,Ed, called me at work to tell me of a conversation he and his grown children had had with a highly regarded channeler. He apologized for what might be perceived as a bizarre story but I encouraged him to go on, my breath catching at his every word.
The channeler was amazing, he said. She connected with Rita almost immediately, and related stories and incidents about their family impossible for the channeler to know otherwise. Ed and his children were there almost two hours, and at the end of the session, the channeler sat straight up and said:
“Before you go, Rita wants you to deliver a message to someone. She has a message for someone named Diane.”
Ed and his children looked at each other. There was no one in the family or the neighborhood or among their close friends with that name. There must be some mistake.
The channeler hesitated, inwardly listening. “Yes, there is,” she said. “Rita is very emphatic about this. There is someone named Diane she was very close to.”
The family still disagreed, and the channeler kept going back and forth, insisting that Rita would not let them leave without promising to deliver a message to this Diane person. Suddenly, one of them remembered Rita had a friend at the place she once worked. The friend’s name was Diane. Is that who it was?
The channeler answered instantly. YES!
“Here is the message”:
“I promised to let you know if I was okay. YES, I am much more than okay. I am beyond more joy than you can imagine… I am OKAY!”
November 1st, the day after Halloween, is traditionally the Day of the Dead. Perhaps we should change it to the Day of the Living.
I tag Murmuring Trees, one of my favorite blogs of Bevson’s exquisite photographs and unusual life experiences, complete with unusual and delicious recipes of international cuisines.
I also tag Piece of Truth, and would love to read any of Kim’s stories. Kim is a brilliant and prolific writer, and we connect on a special level with a common understanding of what it means to miss the world of horse ownership.
My third tag goes to Musings on Nature, another favorite bog where I relish Wendy’s sensitive observations on nature and the world around her. Be sure to read today’s entry about the battle between a spider and a wasp. You’ll have to read it to see who won!
Happy Halloween!

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4 Responses to Ghost It Forward

  1. Bevson says:

    Ooooooh, you know I love all things ghostly. How fun. Is it supposed to be a true story? I remember you telling me about Rita. What an amazing story and memory for her to send a message from the beyond.

  2. camccune says:

    A lovely story, Dee.I’m not an active believer in teh afterlife or ghosts…more of an agnostic, I guess. But I do have a ghost story of my own…secondhand, but it rings true. I find it somehow reassuring.

  3. Sparverius says:

    Thanks for the invite, Di. I will have to give this some thought….I absolutely believe in life after death, and that these people are closer to us than we realize.

  4. Interesting story about Rita. I like the way she insisted the channeler tell you she was okay. I actually went to John Edwards(before he got really famous) at his house after my mom died. I can only say he was amazing and right on with things no one else could know. He also gave me a kind of peace knowing mom was okay. Great post.

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