A Halloween Treat

As usual, we had a fun-filled evening filling the bags of miniature Snow Whites, two-legged Ducks, Ladybugs, a host of fairies, a few goblins. There was even a Dachshund wearing a skunk costume (where is the camera when you need it?) I had just filled a plastic pumpkin with Nestle’s crunch bars (after the child politely corrected me that she could not eat the Almond Joy because she was not allowed to have nuts), and turned to go back into the house when I noticed a round brown “something” among the dark green needles of a neglected juniper shrub near our front door. At first, I thought it was a clot of wet leaves, but stepped over to get a better look.

A bird’s nest; specifically, a Ruby-throated Hummingbird’s nest, probably blown down from the nearby trees during Tuesday’s blustery storm. It was perfect, made of soft grasses on the inside, with stiffer stalks on the outside, mostly (I expect) from our pesticide-free lawn. We host a collection of these dynamic little birds at our feeders every summer and have always wondered if they were nesting nearby. They have been gone over a month now; and hopefully are safe and warm in their winter gardens in Central America.

I called my husband over to see it. You would have thought we had just discovered Christmas for the way we carried on. Wow! How neat! Right in our yard! Great find! Ken cupped his hands to receive it, like a communion wafer at church. “Take a picture of it!” he said

So I did:

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3 Responses to A Halloween Treat

  1. Apples says:

    So fine and tiny!

  2. Kim says:

    Birds’ nests always amaze me…we had a robin’s nest one time, that was so tightly woven and neat I couldn’t imagine how long it took the poor bird to weave it. That nest looks so soft and cushy! Lucky baby hummingbirds. ; )

  3. Hummingbird nests are always so amazing!

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