Fall Back Spring Ahead

It’s turn back the clock day, “fall ahead” where we gain an hour of daylight by fiddling with the clock. Now it will be lighter when we leave for work in the morning and darker while driving home in the evening. My husband claims this all started during the war so farmers could have an extra hour of daylight in which to do their chores, but I don’t know a farmer anywhere who waits for permission from a clock before heading to the barn.

Frankly, I wish they would leave it alone so we don’t have to figure out the mechanics of the eight or so timepieces we have in the house, not to mention the two cars. Only Ken doesn’t bother with the clock in the Subaru, and unless I drive it somewhere and push the buttons for him to reflect the correct hour, he just makes the adjustment in his head. “It’s right for six months of the year,” he claims, and that’s good enough for him.

When it comes time to fall back and we gain that hour, I don’t change the clocks right away on Sunday morning, preferring to look at what time it is and know there is yet a bonus hour in the bank for the day. Of course, when we spring ahead in April, when we have to pay it back and lose an hour, there is the opposite stress of getting the day’s chores done with one less hour of daylight. I figure if we can just gain an hour every year instead of the requisite loss of one, in 24 years we will be closer to a circadian rhythm that all of nature seems to enjoy without even thinking about it. Yet another thing to be learned from our natural world: Stop tinkering with the light and use it at will. There is little enough in a lifetime.

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8 Responses to Fall Back Spring Ahead

  1. Tom Burr says:

    How did you get a picture of my clock? I have the same one, hanging on a wall of the same color. I hope, after adjusting the time, the calls still match up with the birds. 🙂 I did it right this time. Now to wrestle with the car radio clock!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wish they would leave it aloneI am with you on this! Dd

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let’s all move to Arizona. They don’t mess with their clocks!

  4. I wish they would leave the clocks alone too! If they don’t have to change them in Arizona, why do we have to change them here? It’s just so crazy.

  5. Apples says:

    I’ve heard daylight savings is tied largely to the economy. That people prefer to shop during the daylight…

  6. My horses don’t know about changing the clocks, so I’m still getting up in the dark, an hour earlier to ease them into the transition. I push breakfast back ten minutes a day until we’re doing it an hour later. The only bonus is that I don’t have to stand outside in the pitch black with my daughter to wait for the school bus. I’d rather that we just leave it alone and let nature do it’s natural seasonal changes.

  7. Bevson says:

    I am very casual about changing my clocks too. I finally changed the kitchen one yesterday. And since I rarely use the bedroom one it sometimes blinks for weeks before I get around to fixing it.

  8. LauraHinNJ says:

    I’m confused for days with the time change… plus I hate getting off work in the dark.

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