Great Blog Friends

A big thank you for the lovely bouquet of flowers from Victoria Cummings, of Teachings of the Horse and for her congratulations on my quiet return to riding. Keeping up with the blogs of both Victoria and Arlene of Grey Horse Matters has ignited a long-buried passion, and I am honored to have these fine horsewomen in my circle of blogger friends.
Human relationships are amazing. We all want them, need them, crave them. Even when we desire solitude to connect with our inner selves, we can do that when we know there are trusted friends on the other side of the seesaw of human emotions.
When I started blogging last January, encouraged and coached by Bevson, it felt a little odd. Why splash around in cyberspace? What am I doing putting some of the knotty details of my life on display for the entire world to see? But the same miracle happens in the blogging world as occurs in a convention hall: some universal magnetism draws us to others of similar minds or experience, or there is a spark of some intangible trust that is suddenly acknowledged in the face of a stranger. You just know that person is there and connecting with you. You cannot name it, nor can science measure it.
And so, as I blogged away and read others who blog about their lives, I was drawn to several of the horse bloggers, who, like me, have been knocked off not only their horses but their life paths as well a few times, but who are still linked by their bonds with the spirit of horse. And when I returned last week for my first riding lesson in 17 years, they cheered me on from their computers. No matter that my style now is more “Western dressage,” than anything else. What matters is the common ground of bottomless compassion for what we love. And we blog about it.

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2 Responses to Great Blog Friends

  1. Thank you for the kind words. I also feel the way you do about blogging, I sometimes wonder why I even did it in the first place. For myself I am glad that I did, I’ve met so many like minded people and made so many friends I would have never met if not for the blog. I’ve also got to say that I am glad that you have returned to riding after so many years, it doesn’t matter what type of riding it is, just as long as you are enjoying yourself again and being around the horses is fulfilling for you. Congratulations on your award, you deserve it, your blog is just a wonderful read. Have fun in the saddle!

  2. Deej – I’m really touched by your kind words. I too went from English to Western and found my soul as a cowgirl. But it really doesn’t matter how someone chooses to ride – it’s the feel of the horse, the smell of the horse and the love of the horse that really make all the effort worthwhile.

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