Christmas Goose

Photo by Bevson, because I forgot my camera!

Uh oh. I did it again.
We woke up this morning, fed the cats, poured the coffee, opened the paper to the same bad-news-different-day. The Sunday plan was to shower, get dressed, go to church (I’ve been in one of those phases lately; it must have something to do with the season). On the way home, we said, we’ll do the weekly food shopping and then spend the afternoon putting up Christmas decorations. We are already late with this time-sucking task. All in all, not a bad way way spend a December Sunday.
But then, at 8:30am the telephone rang. It was Bevson.
“There’s a Ross’s goose in Franklin Lakes. I’m going to go for it. Wanna come?”
I actually hesitated, even though the town is a mere 20 minutes from where I live. All those decorations to put up; I am already behind. I would miss the second Sunday of Advent and the continuing liturgy, the connection to an annual spiritual cycle that helps keep me grounded.
But a Ross’s…this is a tiny goose by Goose standards. It is snow white with black wingtips. It looks like a mini Snow Goose. It winters primarily in Central California but somehow this one ended up 20 minutes from my house during the first week of December 2008. It was a gift and I knew it.
“I haven’t showered yet.”
“Oh, so what; I haven’t either. I’ll pick you up in fifteen.”
Sometimes, to stay grounded, you have to fly with the moment.

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One Response to Christmas Goose

  1. I’ll bet you’re glad you went and didn’t miss this little goose.

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