Riding Lessons

It was a choice between an eyes closed blurry body shot and an ears pricked at the crinkly-bag-with-apples-and-carrots photo!

Today was lesson #3.
I opted for the dusty dressage saddle this time. The Western one was fine, but the dressage saddle felt like coming home again. As I stretched my legs down into the stirrups and asked Tequila to walk forward, I could feel his warm barrel against my calves, swinging back and forth, left to right, left to right, telling me he was a little stiff. I was too. Neither of us are young, but we are both game.
I liked the Western saddle. After 17 years of not being on a back of a horse, I felt secure. Tequila “goes both ways,” but so much leather was getting in my way of nudging him to engage his hindquarters and dropping into the bit. I am also out of shape and not strong enough. He is a “school horse,” so is ridden by many different riders of various abilities. The ring is small and there are other horses and riders pounding around. He has a few tricks up his Quarter Horse sleeve that he is playing on me now; chief among them is suddenly zooming out at the trot and then dropping down into first gear, which throws off my rhythm. I wish we had a giant ring without a pile of jump stuff in it. My body (stiff as it is) wants us to circle and serpentine, trot figure eights and take a shot at an extended trot. You know…play….do the unexpected. Push yourself outside of where you have been too long, to a place where you want, and need, to be.

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3 Responses to Riding Lessons

  1. Tequila is really cute and being a school horse, I’m sure he has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. I prefer the English saddles to the western too. It’s not that I don’t like western, it’s that I can’t feel the horse as well as I would like to while riding. I’ll bet in a few more lessons you will not be so stiff and will be bending and feeling more fit. Keep having fun.

  2. AnnL says:

    Oh, he’s cute! I’m glad you’re enjoying riding and looking forward to pushing yourself more–figure 8s, serpentines. 🙂

  3. Bevson says:

    This is Tequila? He does not look what I had in my mind’s eye. Ride on, my friend!!!

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