All is Well

Last weekend we were treated to a visit from my husband’s daughter, husband and two sons. It was the first time they were here, and not having children myself, I admit to being a little apprehensive about what “to do” with two boys and not one plasma television in the house. There was our dinner to cook and their dinner to cook (they don’t like pork roast).
After searching and not finding the TV set, the boys shot out the door into our big backyard that has been complaining about its lack of running children. Our generous next door neighbor lent us a whiffle bat and ball, and a football small enough for a child’s hands and I ended up playing outside with them while the other three adults languished in the stuffy living room. I had a blast!
After dinner, the boys decided my little Christmas tree needed some help….
And Sparkle found a new friend:

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1 Response to All is Well

  1. It just goes to show you that there’s no need to be apprehensive around kids. As long as there’s a backyard and animals and a Christmas tree, all is well.

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