Happy Birthday #1: Oak in the Seed

Not to detract from one of the most auspicious inaugural events in our country’s history (as if I could) but January 20th is the one year anniversary of the birth of this blog, Oak in the Seed. Writing this blog has been a source of pride and healing, wonder and frustration, as well as an amazing journey across the paths of individuals across the universe. Astonishing, really. I have much to be grateful for, all because of blogs and the people who create them:

Thanks to the amazing photographs I have seen from many blogger photographers like Behind the Bins and The Celery Farm and Beyond, I am learning more about this elusive skill. I thank my lucky stars that Blogger tossed up Teachings of the Horse as a possible blog that might interest me, because after settling into Victoria’s stunning writing, I went on to meet Arlene from Grey Horse Matters. These two women are like personal friends, almost as if we have already shared a cup of coffee in their kitchens. Between them and several others, I got a leg-up to where I belong; in a saddle on the back of a horse. I’ve also been swept off my feet of clay with breathtaking sunsets with every Friday’s Skywatch. The poignant and personal stories of my favorite blogs have opened my mind and my heart.

So on my first Blogger Birthday, I want to thank you all for your virtual hand in friendship and warm camaraderie. You have made a difference in my life. I am a better woman for having blogged with you!

I look forward to Year Two and….

  • A return to the barn when the weather breaks to pick up my weekly riding lessons. Have yet to buy the hardhat.
  • Practice photography with the Canon digital camera purchased last summer. Maybe some day an upgrade to an SLR…?
  • Continue having fun blogging, introducing others to the world of blogging, and reading, laughing, weeping while sharing your lives through your blogs.

Thank you!

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9 Responses to Happy Birthday #1: Oak in the Seed

  1. Bevson says:

    Wow. It’s been a year already. Happy Blogoversary my friend. May you continue to find inspiration from your blog and those who blog.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Diane! Congrats on your 1st year anniversary…..its inspiring, amusing, sweet…..so much its creator.:)Nina

  3. Happy Birthday Oak in the Seed. You are indeed one of the most interesting people to contribute to the blogosphere. I look forward to reading what you have to say and your observations on life in general. If it weren’t for your birding, I wouldn’t have taken a closer look at some of the birds I see around here. I’m glad you decided to get back to riding, especially if it gives you so much pleasure. We all can’t wait for the warmer weather. Good luck in finding just the right hard hat, we both know how important a piece of equipment that is. Maybe some day on one of your birding adventures will bring you close to the farm and we will get to have that cup of coffee. Have a great day.

  4. Sparverius says:

    Happy Blog-Birthday! I’m glad to know you, and truly consider you a blog-friend!

  5. deejbrown says:

    Thank you, Arlene~I look forward to that!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday!Interesting that your blog’s birthday and my birthday each president celebrates with his inauguration, too!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whoops, mine and inauguration on the twentieth!Happy Birthday to your fabulous blog anyway!!

  8. Apples says:

    Happy Birthday, Oak in the Seed!

  9. The feelings are mutual – I am always happy to visit you and find out what’s on your mind since we share so many interests and similar points of view. Happy happy anniversary and keep on blogging!

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