Queen of the Winterland

Another wet, sloppy, drippy, freezing day. Another worrisome 20 mile drive to work along icy roadways, slippery curves, driving snow and sleet while dodging overconfident motorists in oversized SUVs or overconfident motorists who THINK they are driving oversized SUVs.

In truth, I am fonder of cold air than the humid heat of summer. It would be nice, though, if we could get a balanced mix of both during the year instead of weeks of sultry, mosquito-laden, dead, heavy, breath-sucking heat followed by weeks of wind-ripping, icy, frozen, breath-sucking cold. It would be great to enjoy 10 days of 20 degrees and snowy, and then 8 days of 85 degrees and sunny. Of course, some folks arrange for exactly that, if they can afford the travel and do not mind packing suitcases and keeping their passports current.

If I were Queen of the Land, I would require everyone to stay put on dangerous driving mornings like this one. My subjects would enjoy an extra guilt-free cup of coffee or hot chocolate, compliments of the Crown. They would take advantage of an hour of stolen time to step off this spinning planet and marvel at the honest beauty of the natural world, look out of the window at rainbow prisms of ice in the morning sun and feel the blanket of silence in the middle of a snowstorm, instead of the rattle of plows and the grinding of straining engines.

Ha! That’s impossible; some would argue. As if the economy wasn’t bad enough. But hey; the fantasy of an unexpected day of rest is tempting, isn’t it? I know what I would do with it: Read, write, listen to music, study bird songs for the warblers who are now feeling the faint stirrings of migration. Maybe pull on my boots and go out for a walk without a hat, all the better to clear my head, and then sneak into my own back yard and squish out a few snow angels, just in case a real one needs a place to land.

What would you do on such a day?

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4 Responses to Queen of the Winterland

  1. ChefDruck says:

    I, for one, would be happy to elect you Queen of the Land to grant us all these beautifully described moments of serenity.I’m so pleased to discover another blogger in Lisa’s class!Vanessa

  2. In a perfect world no one would be on these slippery icy roads and the sun would be shining and you would be Queen of the Land and rule your kingdom with fairness and a dose of fun with nature.Unfortunately, I’m afraid we’re all stuck with this weather until spring. Be careful driving out there.

  3. Anonymous says:

    When lucky enough for such a day to fall on a weekend or holiday, the first thing I do is light the fire that I always have laid and ready in my fireplace. I perc (that’s right, I still use a percolator because I love the old-fashioned sound and smell)a pot of coffee and include an extra cup. As I sit by the fire, feet propped on the hearth with my coffee mug and the latest New Yorker that I never dreamed I would have the luxury of reading cover-to-cover, I can see out my big front windows. Later on, at a “decent hour,” I will call my sister in sunny California, a brother in overcast but not so cold and miserable Oregon and my cousin in Florida. We’ll catch up during the calls, of course, but I love giving them the opportunity to gloat about their superior weather conditions!

  4. Bevson says:

    All Hail the Queen! I do not slide down the mountain on bad days, but sit in the family room wrapped in a dove gray blanket and snap photos of Blue Jays snatching peanuts from the deck railing as tiny feathered spites flit from feeder to feeder. But HHH, is my preference.

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