Skywatch Friday

I am willing to bet that despite the negative reputation of the Canada geese, a flock calling overhead has stopped you in your tracks, and a part of your heart flies with them. Do you ever wonder where YOU will be when the geese fly north again?
Go to Skywatch for more photos from our big, old earth!
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4 Responses to Skywatch Friday

  1. The geese never left our pond (as usual). I know you love birds, but these geese are noisy and leave a dirty mess (to walk around/in)and even the heron who stops by occasionally doesn’t scare them off. The only help I have in getting them to leave for a while is Blue (the paint), he actually chases them out of the paddocks. I wish I knew of a good way to make them leave permanently, if you have any tips I would appreciate it. I’ve offered them first class tickets south but they have refused, I don’t think they cared for the menu.

  2. Sparverius says:

    Yep, every time I hear them calling, I am stopped in my tracks. At least for a moment.

  3. deejbrown says:

    Arlene: Unfortunately, your geese already have their preferred menu in your lovely, grassy acreage. I wouldn’t leave your place either!

  4. There’s something really special about a V of geese flying over the barn and calling to me when I feed the horses at sunrise. Especially since I am V. Thanks for the tip about the European starlilng in my barn. Whatever birds they are, they don’t have very good manners.

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