New Jersey Flower Show

We looked forward to a taste of early spring this Saturday at the New Jersey Flower Show. What displays will greet us when we walk in the door? What piles of golden hope lay in wait for us after these winter months? Who will tempt us with tiny basil plants to place on a window sill, gift us with a ruby tulip, or hand us a packet of zucchini seeds?

I have not been to the Flower Show in many years and do not want to complain that it was “better then….” But after a half dozen displays of daffodils (my personal favorite), singing pansy faces (Ken’s favorite), amaryllis, and the heady perfume of hyacinths, the rest of the Convention Hall was dedicated to selling shower heads, painted plastic frogs, culinary equipment, sour cream dips, tablecloths, outdoor grills, framed dead butterflies, and jewelry. My friend finally found someone who actually sold seeds at a flower show, where she happily purchased the promise of pumpkins, zucchini, and candy-colored nasturtiums that she will plant in a few weeks.

I would go again, despite the slim flower vendor pickin’s. And from the number of buses pulling up at the door and the long wait at the ticket booth, it seems others will too. Perhaps it is a sign of winter break-up. It is the same line we are all waiting on, for spring.

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5 Responses to New Jersey Flower Show

  1. I’m sure it was nice to see some color after this winter. I know I’m desperate for some green and colorful flowers. My thoughts on the flower show: why would they sell jewelry, grills, culinary items etc…. It’s a little disappointing,I say fill the hall with flowers and seeds and all things pertaining to flowers or don’t call it a flower show. If I went to a boat show I wouldn’t expect them to be selling motorcycles.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! So colorful!! I have a coloring book for you!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I was very excited to visit the Flower Show. So my husband and I went down to Edison on Saturday. I can not tell you how disappointed we were. It felt like we just entered a huge flee market where people tried to sell us all kinds of junk. I am sorry to say it that way but this was NOT a “Flower Show”. I will not be going there again in the future. It’s a shame. Daniela

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree. The NJ flower show has been going downhill for years now. I wouldn’t waste my money there! When I need a respite from the grays of winter I would rather page through seed catalogs and dream, than be bombarded by sellers of junk just for the teasing scent of real live hyacinths.

  5. Oh, this makes my longing for spring even more pronounced. I love the colors! Thanks for posting this series.

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