Exercise Rider

I am getting motivated to make my body stronger. Why now, after months of languishing, ignoring the treadmill and watching the dust wads grow on the free weights?

Because I just opened my second bottle of Aleve. I rely on it for mobility for two days after one half hour riding lesson. As an older returning rider, there are new places to discover pain and stiffness after you spend some time on the back of a horse, especially one very sweet Quarter Horse/Draft gelding who doesn’t want to move. After some time on his back trying to get him to go forward, I feel the same way. But really, I have got to get better about this both for myself and for any horse I am riding. It’s time to push myself as much as I am pushing them. Besides, I get frustrated feeling “sloppy” in the saddle and know with improved core strength and flexibility; I will be more confident and able to give clearer signals to the horse. It will bring me closer to my mental image of myself as a safe, poised rider, rather than a discombobulated Raggedy Ann. Anything to help coordinate myself through space while perched on someone else’s four legs who weighs half a ton and has its own brain.

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3 Responses to Exercise Rider

  1. I know, being out of shape for riding really is the pits. It seems the older we get the longer it takes to bounce back into shape. I’m doing the same thing as you, before I even get on again. And I know I’m still going to be sore for a while once I do. Hang in there though, you know how good you will feel in a month or two when everything clicks and feels great.

  2. I hear you, Deej! And speaking of ears, I’ve got something for you over on my blog- stop by to pick it up!

  3. Sparverius says:

    Good luck with that! I think its awesome that you are getting back so whole-heartedly into something you love emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s too bad the physical side takes longer to get going.

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