Returning to the Blogosphere

My apologies for dropping out of the blogosphere for so long. I thought about posting, but did not feel like sitting down to write anything, so allowed myself the luxury of free-rein writing in my notebook instead. But even that was sporadic.
I started a personal journal in 1969. Months would go by without a single entry, and then there would be a flurry of writing while the next life decision would be figured out. While my consistency has improved these past five years, I still wander off occasionally but have learned to accept it as part of the process of living. Eventually I come back to the barn on my own.
I enjoyed a trip to Vermont last week to visit family but had to cut my visit short to return home to see a chiropractor. Turns out phase 2 of my “involuntary dismount” off a horse two months ago kicked in with the growing pain of sciatica. The doc took x-rays and showed me what was going on in my lower back, and pointing out that a slightly displaced vertebra in my neck that was causing a kind of pulling sensation was the “same one that sliced through Christopher Reeve’s spinal cord.” Which unnerved me a bit, if you will excuse the pun. He was quick to point out; however, that it is better to ride a horse than to sit on the sofa (which I never do anyway).

But enough of that. I don’t like to dwell on health issues.

Here is why I love going to Vermont:

My sister with her granddaughterEd putting up the new bat house.
Red-winged Blackbirds (male at top of reed on right, female below)
Tree Swallow without firearms
View from the deck.
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4 Responses to Returning to the Blogosphere

  1. Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it feels better soon.
    Lovely pictures from Vermont, I love it up there and it’s especially nice to spend time with family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    So happy you’re back – I’ve missed “hearing” from you! I’m sorry about your back and hope you’re feeling ship-shape again soon.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Did you take the pics with the new camera? V. nice.


  4. deejbrown says:

    Yes, thanks; I did use my new Rebel to take the photos. Still getting used to it….

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