Guilt-Free Ice Cream

Twice a year, I treat myself to a guilt-free trip to the Haagen Dasz store and buy a large cup of my favorite coffee-chip ice cream. The first time is a gift consumed within a week or two of my birthday and the other is to acknowledge the end of another hot summer.

I let the cold scoops soften before sliding the plastic spoon around the sides of the cup to admire the soft mocha. With great nonchalance, I slip it into my mouth and give myself over to the mysterious depths of bittersweet chocolate against the wisdom of fine coffee. The sweet smoothness lingers. I close my eyes. This is not the best table etiquette, which is why I prefer to be alone. Every calorie must be savored. I do not want to be distracted by shallow conversation but be present in the moment, a kind of ice cream meditation.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy the occasional ice cream cone or Dairy Queen during the rest of the year but there are none better than this, probably because it has the highest percentage of butterfat on the planet. Which means it is bad for my arteries and heart.

Well, I have no plans on living forever anyway.

The only way for me to enjoy this is to decide ahead of time that it will be guilt-free. Because of my self-imposed limitations to twice-a-year, I let myself get away with it. And every time, my inner child, long neglected, suddenly jumps down from her lonely fence post and comes running.

I recommend a dose of your favorite ice cream for temporary relief of stress, heartache, depression, sorrow, PIAs, endless worries and concerns. It is the first choice of treatment for the nagging pestering of the occasional sweet tooth. I have self-medicated for all these conditions and can report 100% successful outcomes. It may add a pound here or there, but scores high on My Personal Joy index.

But all good things come to an end. Too soon, there are only scrapes of melted cream left in the bottom of the cup. And while tempted, even I won’t lick the bottom (in public).

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3 Responses to Guilt-Free Ice Cream

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yummm…coffee chip is SO delicious, and I haven't been to Haagen-Dasz in forever.

    But I digress: I feel fairly certain that I must have missed wishing you a happy birthday, so:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope it was great!


  2. Good for you to decide ahead of time that this will be guilt-free. All good things in moderation, right? Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. If you had a birthday recently that we don't know about…Happy Birthday.

    Hagen Daz is my favorite ice cream too and flavor of choice is Vanilla Swiss Almond. I must confess to self medicating too, especially during my rehab. It did put a few pounds on but I deserved it and enjoyed it. I'm working on getting those pounds off now.
    By the way Dove ice cream runs a close second with Chocolate Cherry Cordial. A very nice cherry ice cream with cherries and chocolate chips and it has a delicious covering of Dove chocolate on top.
    Oh my, does it sound like I know my ice creams or what? Reminds me of an old saying – “There's a skinny girl inside of me, but luckily I keep her sedated with chocolate”!

    Glad you enjoyed your ice cream.

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