My Kind of Wedding Reception!

Bride and Groom

My niece was married to her beloved a couple of weeks ago, but we were not able to attend. The wedding was not your typical, solemn walk-down-the aisle affair, but a rocking and rolling Los Vegas party, complete with Elvis as attending official! We joined in via webcam and toasted the happy couple on their day!

The reception was right up my alley, and close to home in the part of our state that is truly New Jersey. As a surprise to the couple, our hostess arranged for a friend to bring in two of his Clydesdales (that he also offers trail rides with–gotta try that!) to treat the guests to better entertainment than a band could ever give! Come on in and enjoy the day!

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2 Responses to My Kind of Wedding Reception!

  1. Sounds like it was a really fun day and an unusual and comfortable wedding. I'll bet all the guests had a great time.

    I wonder what riding a Clydesdale would feel like?

  2. Kim says:

    Fun! I've never ridden a Clydesdale but I have ridden an Irish Draft, with hooves the size of dinner plates. It was…interesting! She was the epitome of “cold blooded” and her width actually made me feel less secure, more like I was perched on top. That doesn't lessen my desire to try a Clydesdale myself, one of these days. Those feathers… ; )

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