Garlic Festival!

Did you know there is annual weekend festival in Saugerties NY to celebrate a vegetable that has been worshiped, reviled, celebrated, and cherished for qualities ranging from potent aphrodisiac to suppressing the growth of tumors? Hint: It is a member of the lily family, is native to Central Asia, dates back to 4000BC and was referred to in Old English as “spear leek.”
Garlic. There are hundreds of varieties and many of them were available for taste testing at the Garlic Festival. There were Softneck (these are the ones you see braided together) and Hardneck varieties, Spanish Rioja, Music, Inchelium Red, Siberian, Chesnok Red, Georgian Crystal, Carpathian, Red Toch. I had no idea.
You cannot go to this festival without trying some of the unusual cuisines: garlic cannolis, garlic ice cream, chocolate-covered garlic, garlic lollipops, along with the more traditional mushrooms sauteed in garlic, a plethora of sauces, vinaigrettes and oils. Samples were plentiful but you had better be quick about it.
There must be something about garlic that puts you in agood mood because as huge as the crowd was, most everyone was smiling. Since everyone was imbibing in garlic in some way, no one complained about bad breath.
Today (Sunday, Sept. 27), the second and last day of the Festival. Be sure to put it on your calendar for next year–it’s worth the trip!

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9 Responses to Garlic Festival!

  1. I love garlic but unfortunately it doesn't love me. The garlic festival sounds like fun, but I'd have to pass on garlic cannolis, garlic ice cream, chocolate-covered garlic, garlic lollipops, just don't think that sounds appetizing.

  2. Seems like everyone was at the Garlic Festival but me this weekend! Maybe next year…

    Did you try anything crazy, like garlic ice cream or garlic fudge? I'm going to try to grow some of my own this year. I'll let you know how it works out!


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was there, what a fantastic event! I pigged out, loved it! Sorry I missed you! I hope to get there every year! Dd

  4. Sparverius says:

    I had no idea either, I guess I've never really thought about different varieties of garlic. Whada' know?

  5. I love baked garlic. Drizzle some olive oil on it, put it in the oven at 350 for about an hour until it's nice and golden brown on top. Then, take some fresh French bread, squeeze the bulbs and spread the garlic, top it with a little goat cheese and a dash of pesto. It's the best!!!

  6. Interesting! I would never have thought someone would have a garlic festival. I'm wondering what the little sample was that you were holding. Did you try any of the unusual items?

  7. Chris Petrak says:

    community festival are great fun! Thanks for your comments over on my site – I am using Canon 50D, for birds Canon 100-400 L series, for general stuff 28-135. Using ACD Manager for most adjustments, sometimes Photoshop Elements.

  8. dAwN says:

    I love garlic! A few years back we went to a garlic festival in WA. i was amazed at all the different varieties and tastes.
    I didnt try the garlic ice cream but lots of other stuff..

  9. Lori Skoog says:

    DeeJ-We grow organic garlic here in Brockport, NY. You must have seen our friend David Stern at the Garlic Festival…

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