Stories from Cape May-Brigantine

It’s been months since I have visited Brigantine (aka Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge). The meandering boardwalk on the right side of the dirt road after you pay your fee is gone now, victim of storms and replaced by a perfunctory walkway that ends almost as soon as it begins. The tide was coming in, just my luck. The birds were moving a zillion miles away, too far for my birding scope, too far for the photographers with the gigundo lenses. But as I crept along the truncated walkway, my birder’s eye caught some motion in the muck. A Nashville Warbler!
On the other side of the rail, I glanced down at the swirling water where hundreds of crabs were lurching around sideways, all brandishing that enormous CLAW. How they lug these things around is beyond me; it would be like having an oak tree for your right arm. You would have to hoist it across the front of your body wherever you go, and wherever you go, there it is. The opposite “arm” is teensy weensy , consigned to pick through the mud for food, like snacking on Fritos at a football game.
The Least Terns were busy slashing through the wind and diving into the water for their food.
I was beginning to think my birding visit to “Brig” was a bit boring until I spotted this Peregrine Falcon loafing on a snag in the muck. I pointed it out to other birder/drivers passing by but no one stopped. Please do not tell me we are already jaded by the sight of a Peregrine….
While eating my own lunch at a picnic bench back at the visitor center, I was already wondering what to have for dinner and where I would get it once arriving in Cape May. Maybe I would forage like the crabs, and frisk up my right arm to amble sideways down the Acme aisle, and use my left hand to dainty among the lettuces….

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4 Responses to Stories from Cape May-Brigantine

  1. DrSteggy says:

    Last summer I went to the AAV conference in Savannah GA. Since it was a group of bird vets, one of the planned activities was to a wetland area to look for birds. We saw a lot of fiddler crabs, and an egret, and some little brown nuthatches which we were told were unusual (they were cute)

    It was an international conference, so we had a LOT of bird vets from Europe and Austrailia, too. My favorite moment at the wetlands was when a blue jay flew and and began screaming at everyone. The Americans were all “Oh, a blue jay. NEXT!” while the Europeans were scrambling with cameras and pointing!

  2. Those crabs are so cool!

  3. Cape May sounds and looks like a beautiful place. You got some great shots of birds, I like the bigger ones, like the Peregrine Falcon. He's a beautiful bird. Hope your foraging for dinner went well, I guess you could always have had crab on the Bar-B-Q. Those claws are big enough for plenty of meat. Just kidding. Glad you got out to a interesting location for birding.

  4. dAwN says:

    Geee,,why didnt u dip your hand into those crabs and boil a few up for dinner…
    Love Cape May birding…nice pics..

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