Cape May-From the Hawk Watch

More stories from Cape May:
I spent most of my brief time in Cape May at the Hawk Watch to view the falcons, hawks and eagles streaming past. While standing on the platform I noticed a man who seemed oblivious to any other human being and did not conform to the socially acceptable standards of how to conduct yourself in a quiet crowd of birders. He had a good scope, and to see the Broadwings soaring higher and higher in the Cape May blue sky, he would tilt the barrel of the scope vertically, then slam both his feet one after the other until he had himself spread-eagled beneath the tripod. His entire body was immersed in the exercise of his passion.

I was reluctant to point out that his tripod was not telescoped out to it fullest height, nor was the central rod which would have added to his ergonomic comfort. As soon as he saw a bird through that scope he would gasp: “Wow! Wow! Wow!” Then, he scooped up the scope and ran to the other side of the platform and slam! slam! his feet under the tripod and repeat the drama.

Nothing else existed in these moments for this man. Odd glances his way, attempts to help him adjust his equipment went unheeded.

I understand.

Cooper’s Hawk

Broad-winged Hawk

Turkey Vulture

Palm Warbler


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5 Responses to Cape May-From the Hawk Watch

  1. I suppose we all look a bit comical when we are so engrossed in the watching. 🙂 I enjoyed reading about his passion. Great photos, too!

  2. Beautiful pictures once again. I guess the guy was sooo excited he didn't know anyone else was around or found his behavior a little odd. Then again it's so nice to see someone so excited about their passion.

  3. Something kind of touching about someone so naively enthusiastic…

    And those hawk shots are AWESOME!


  4. dAwN says:

    hee hee…so nice you understood! how exciting.

  5. Chris Petrak says:

    Hawk photos were great – so tough to get. BWHA in CM is unusual, and seems late, but a crisp photo.

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