Fall and Friends

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. As much as spring is new and exciting, there is something about fall that is full of secrets and tender promises. It was impossible to stay indoors yesterday so the camera and I went on an outing to Sklyands Manor, New Jersey’s botanical gardens.

The place was crawling with photographers, all with the same idea….
These are the leaves we welcomed in spring.
Who could resist walking through this doorway?
Bird food on the hoof.
This is where I spend my birthday meditations. A crossroad, a simple fence and thousands of invisible lives going about their day.
You can taste it, can’t you?
Like the squirrels, I have a desire to build my larder and fluff my nest against the coming cold.

As I was driving the loop one last time, I saw a big horse trailer picking its way into the rutted parking lot. From the careful way the driver was maneuvering, I knew there was a full load inside. Behind it were a stream of cars with the riders and their gear. Shortly afterward, I met up with an old friend:

Quarterback! My mount from when I was taking lessons from Elite Equine!
Sara, the trainer, aboard Quarterback.
Some friends from the barn ready for a trail ride.
Too bad that’s not me.
Happy trails!
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3 Responses to Fall and Friends

  1. Beautiful photos of Autumn. Quarterback looks like a sweet horse even if he does ride like a tank, he's probably safe. Wish you could have ridden with them. The trailway in the last picture is beautiful for a ride.

  2. I almost ran into you there, but time was not my friend yesterday. I was dying to run over with my camera! It was a gorgeous day, and a great time and place to ride. *SIGH*

    Beautiful pix, Di – thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful shots! Fall is my favorite season, too.

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