Frost Diamonds

It was cold last night. This morning, I looked out at the deck to see the frost diamonds but sadly, the flowers that had braved the storms of summer and cool September evenings finally succumbed to the hard hand of approaching winter.
The water in the bird bath was frozen solid, entombing the leaves that had given it shade all summer.
By the time we got out of bed, the sun was already hard at work erasing the evidence but the limp fronds of the bonfire begonias told the tale of cold gone too far this time.
This is before….
This is after….
Persian Shield before….
Persian Shield after….
Today, we will finish our winter preparations. Roll up the hose from the back yard, clean out the shed to make room for the emptied flowers pots, maneuver the lawn mower to the rear and give center stage to the snow blower. Clean the bird feeders too, though we cannot hang them yet until the bears are down, which will be another month or so depending upon the weather. We are another day closer to swirling snow and hot chocolate, icy winds and down comforters. I am almost relieved the holidays are almost here to distract us from the long nights ahead.

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4 Responses to Frost Diamonds

  1. It's cold here too, frost on everything and the grass was actually slippery this morning. But the sun's come out and we had a decent day.

    Your pictures say it all, winter is definitely on it's way. But with the cold comes the hot cocoa and the holidays to look forward to. I've never minded the cold but I really don't like the darkness coming so soon in the day. If you can believe it the whole herd is still out at 5:30 and I think they may just do this to aggravate me and make me work in the dark!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Great photos. With your writing it gives a very tangible sense of the change of seasons.”

  3. Chris Petrak says:

    Some interesting perspectives in your photos – I like the results. And ready for winter – yes, I finished my winterizing tasks yesterday. All ready to hibernate!

  4. You've been doing some beautiful writing while I've been absent from blogging. I, too, am glad for the holidays to brighten up the winter darkness. Do you feel sad after New Year's? I always have a few days of the blah's after taking down the Christmas tree. I think we need a holiday about the third week of January, too.

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