New Year’s Resolutions – Not So Much

I do not engage in New Year’s Resolutions for fear of disappointing myself when I don’t live up to them. Resolutions are rules applied from the outside in and can be shucked off like this morning’s bathrobe. The closest I will come is to create cliche generalities like, “Be happy,” or “Find opportunities for love and laughter,” that leave room for months of exploration and are impossible to criticize. To kickstart this “resolution,” my husband and I have tickets to the movies tomorrow at a 3-D theater to see this year’s (all two days of it, anyway) cinematography blockbuster, “Avatar.” On the way home, we’ll stop at Costco and maybe take out a membership so we can buy super-sized packages of paper towels and chocolate chips. January 2 should be a good day all around.

The only thing I will come close to resolving is something I want to do anyway, so it’s win-win. It’s hard to imagine turning away from butter and sugar but I confess to be pretty much cookied out now that the holidays are over. Celery sticks are beginning to look appetizing. Salads–YUM at any time. I will have no truck with DIETS as they only serve as another stick of guilt to whack myself with when I fall off the wagon on Fridays. It’s not as if I don’t know when to say “yes” and “no” but I agree with Harvey Steiman: “Everything in moderation-including moderation.” (One of my greatest fears is getting run over by a tractor trailer after refusing a chocolate creme brulee). As the dark weeks of winter 2010 offers up its stews and scalloped potatoes and cheesy gratins, I will temper them with lettuce and carrots and apples, broccoli, lean meats and sugarless snacks.

But stay out of my bottom desk drawer.

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4 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions – Not So Much

  1. I'm not one for resolutions either. It's so easy to feel like a failure after you fall off the diet wagon. You and I have the same philosophy, you never know when that tractor trailer is lurking around a corner just waiting for you so you might as well have the chocolate! Good luck on your moderation I'm hoping to find some myself this year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Chris Petrak says:

    cookied out – I love the term = exactly how I felt about it. Fortunately, I had a lot of help from the grandkids – constantly heard the cookie jar top being moved while they were here. As for resolutions, I agree. No resolutions. If something needs to be done, why wait until New Years to do it and Jan 2 to break it. That can be done anytime during the year. Happy New Year

  3. Well — the chocolate chip cookies you left behind have been v-e-r-y delicious, I must say!!!

    I will definitely have to send you some stash for your bottom desk drawer!!

    Put new seed in the feeder you gave me for Christmas since the black oil was having trouble being “freed”. This a.m. Major discovered the joy of chasing the two cardinals who were hovering in the new bush we planted off the back deck – they were after the feeders on the deck – also added a suet feeder that I unearthed this summer from moving boxes and sprinkled a liberal amount of seed and peanuts on the deck rail. Once the tree is undecorated, we plan to put it on the deck to provide some additional cover for the winter feeding and hopefully get it tossed out before anyone decides to nest in it.

    Next, after this week's snows abate, Ed will be working on the florescent sign for the roof — the one with the big flashing arrows pointing at the deck that will serve as a landing strip for the incoming flocks we are awaiting.

    Happiness! And screw the resolutions!

  4. I, too, have been craving the healthier stuff, although I find that as I age my sweet tooth is – blessedly – growing weaker!

    Resolutions? I must admit to falling into the trap, but it's things that I want to do anyway, and I do them with friends to make them fun and achievable – like the one to send at least one no-reason greeting card (via snail mail) per month. It's fun when you get that phone call from a pleased recipient who opened the mailbox to find not only junk mail and bills but on this one special day, ACTUAL MAIL!!

    But I digress. I completely understand the resolve to not resolve! ; )

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