Where’s the Peanuts? 2010

Oak in the Seed posts seems to follow the seasons. You might remember last year’s story about the Blue Jays rushing our deck on the frigid mornings for a few peanuts and black oil sunflower seeds. Well…they’re back!

I’m hungry. What are the Deck People serving this morning?
 Look! Peanuts!
 Which one should I choose?
I’ll help you decide!
 You take that one; I’ll take this bigger one!
 This one is juuuust right!
 I have a feeling I am being watched…. 
I’m hungry.
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5 Responses to Where’s the Peanuts? 2010

  1. Great pictures and commentary Diane. I'm surprised these poor little birds are still around in the winter. I feel sorry for them, they must be so cold in this arctic freeze we're having.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love what your Blue Jays have to say!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Great shots, Di! I know they can be quarellsome, but there's just something about jays that I can't resist…”

  4. Those are beautiful pictures of the little blue scamps. The blue jays sure do have a lot of hutzpah (or however you spell it!).

  5. I absolutely love the light on that first shot. It's perfect! I don't have as many blue jays since I replaced the bird feeder. I think the perches on the new one are not large enough for them. Your post makes me think I should get some peanuts just for them. (Of course, they'd have to get there before the squirrels did.)
    Thanks for your encouragement tonight. 🙂

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