Guest Blogger! Mom & the Florida Cardinals

Mom & Dad know what is important in life….

“Yesterday I went outside when it finally began to warm up.  The freeze this year set new records for cold and the length of time it stayed in this part of south Florida.  I couldn’t save most of our plants and the hibiscus tree will take quite a while to recover BUT I had been able to wrap up my orchid tied into that tree.  It has been there for a year and a half  and didn’t seem to be doing anything.   Then as the cold weather was sweeping down from the north sending us all indoors, I was astonished to see a lovely dark red orchid flower in my hibiscus tree.  Who ever heard of orchids flowering in January?  Is that a good omen?  Who knows?
At any rate, I cut the orchid and brought into the house to make sure I could enjoy its beauty and then went out and wrapped the whole plant in my best quilt batting.  Tied it carefully to shut out as much of the cold as I could.
After three days of keeping my plant in the dark, and tempted by temperatures in the 60’s, I decided to take off the wrapping and let it get some light and sun.  As I began to unwrap the many layers of batting I was aware a bird had landed in the tree not far from where I was working.  I stood very still, just letting my eyes roam around to spot the bird – ah, a female cardinal.  She was chirping away and never looked in my direction.  I was pretty sure she knew I was there so I spoke in a soft voice to welcome her.  Then I sang the pretty bird words in a kind of sing-song manner – she still stayed so I began to work again but very slowly. 
Then she flew into a nearby tree where I heard a lot of chirping going on and  a few minutes later she was back, this time with a bright red companion.  She went to the front of the tree, but her buddy came to my side, perched on a branch about two feet away from where I stood, and looked directly at me.  I have never in my life had a wild bird come so close.  I spoke softly to him and now worked at my unwrapping very, very slowly.   He didn’t reply to my overtures but he kept his eye on me.   Finally he flew to the branch where his lady was waiting and they had a little conversation – I had a feeling it was about me.
By that time I was finished unwrapping my pretty orchid so I just played with the leaves and the new bud for a while, and then took a different route to my door – I didn’t want to disturb the birds by passing too closely.  I have always felt lucky whenever I saw a cardinal in the tree outside our dinette window or anywhere else for that matter, but to have them fly in so close to me and stay awhile made me feel as if the day held the wonder of wonders in it.”

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4 Responses to Guest Blogger! Mom & the Florida Cardinals

  1. Hi mom, it's nice to hear from you and Florida. Sorry we sent this cold weather to you.Though if we hadn't you might not have had the wonderful experience with the two cardinals. I think they are probably a good omen, how could they not be when they gave you a few moments of wonder and happiness.Hope it warms up for you and your lovely orchids and birds.

  2. Wow! What a great story! Thanks, Mom and Diane….sounds like Mom made a spiritual connection to some very special visitors. That'll preach!

  3. This is a wonderful post. And I can see where DeeJ gets her talent for writing. 🙂 I'm glad your orchid survived, and that you experienced a magical moment with the cardinals.

  4. Thanks for the lovely story! Orchids and cardinals are two of my favorite sights, and you've made me feel like I was standing right next to you sharing that magic!

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