New Life for Old Binoculars

I have been trying to write a blog post about this for days and it just won’t come. It’s just a simple story involving a kid from Crooked Tree in Belize, where I visited earlier this month…but it got to me.

I first met Turiq two years ago when he popped up after our bus arrived to greet (I mean hugs and kisses GREET) the family of our group leader, the Thomas’s, who have been going there annually for 17 YEARS and gotten to know many of the Belizeans, especially those, like Turiq’s mom, who work for Bird’s Eye View Lodge.

During that trip, I learned some of the kids of Crooked Tree might be interested in pursuing a career in being professional BIRD GUIDES, but they didn’t have binoculars. I hatched this Big Idea of launching a local campaign to collect the bins of people like me who have upgraded over the years and had old pairs languishing in the basement. Unfortunately, life was a little overwhelming at the time and my project never got off the ground, so last year, I sheepishly handed over my old pair, the one with the embroidered guitar strap, for the group to deliver to the grammar school at Crooked Tree. The glasses that had seen Cave Swallows in Cape May, Stellar’s Jays in the Rocky Mountains and Black Guillemots in Nova Scotia went to Belize to an unknown fate. Then I forgot about them.

Until I saw Turiq last week. He showed up to share his growing birding expertise and join us for little birding forays near the lagoon. Guess what he had around his neck?


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5 Responses to New Life for Old Binoculars

  1. What a great idea. I'll bet you were surprised to see your old binoculars around his neck. A very heartwarming story. It's great to know where something you donated wound up and is being appreciated isn't it?

  2. dAwN says:

    What a wonderful Story!

  3. I love this story and all your photos from Belize. The more I learn about that country, the more I'd like to visit it. I recently read a book with a great title, “The Possibility of Everything”, which takes place in Belize. You might enjoy it. Looking forward to more stories about your trip!

  4. Chris Petrak says:

    I ditto Dawn – wonderful story – and so important to get kids, wherever in the world they are, involved with nature study – it may be the only way to save things to get the new generations intent on keeping the wonders around them.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a great resource!

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