The Hope Diamonds

Have you ever experienced a time when something seems to appear only to you but not anyone else? Do you think there could be an occasional blip in the logicalsequence of the Universe when some vast innocence flashes between the normal layers of reality to pierce someone’s otherwise normal day?

I took a lunch break from my windowless office last Tuesday and drove to a nearby park to walk along a path near a brook where the water ran high and fast with snow-melt. Instead of walking along the tarred path where young mothers pushed their baby strollers and retired couples meandered arm-in-arm while bikers zoomed past, my feet sought out the dirt trail near the water’s edge. The soil was eroded and colorless, tired and tramped upon. Old, dead grass looked like stringy hair flowing into the clear water. Twisted twigs sprinkled the ground everywhere I walked, mixing in with scraps of paper and plastic bottles. Only blue sky offered a respite from the shades of brown and black and taupe.

I looked down to step over a pile of sticks. It was then I saw my blessing of the day.



Creamy white bells that look like drops of milk dangling from green caps had sprung from the poor soil and were grabbing their bit of sun before anything else awoke from the earth to crowd them out. Their sudden appearance was enough to bring me to my knees. You would have thought I had just discovered the Hope Diamond.

Can you imagine a flower that could be crushed by my little finger could jam its way through the snow and slush and ice of only ten days ago, survive the stomping feet of walkers and the paws of dogs galloping over their necks, to unfold their fragile beauty among the river’s detritus?
Smiling, I continued my stroll and then saw another patch of snowdrops, then another and another. It seemed as if they were gathering to meet me, showing up now everywhere I walked, clumps gathering at my feet like puppies, as if love alone was enough to make them come alive. 

The Hope Diamond. I had no idea there are many of them….

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3 Responses to The Hope Diamonds

  1. Maria says:

    This is beautiful, what a magnificent moment and how wonderful that you can recognize what a gem you had found. Nature surprises us with the greatest gifts if we are open to receive them. Wonderfully written, I can feel your heart flutter and your soul expand. Thanks for sharing

  2. You write beautifully and I felt I was right there walking along side of you discovering your diamonds.

    To leave the oft traveled paths for the wilder unknown, this is truly the only way you will find beauty. But then you already knew that!

  3. What treasures! I don't know why, but Spring seems so much more important this year than ever. It's been a long, hard winter.

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