Caring for Ringwood Day 2010

Every spring in this town, there is a Saturday when a crowd of men, women and children swarm over the roads and public gardens, picking up trash and shoving it in bags for pick-up the next day. By the time they are finished, there isn’t a paper cup or Styrofoam tray in sight. The woods are stripped of human detritus. You can hear the trees sigh with relief.

Many hands make light work.

This year, Ken and I volunteered to join Eat Local, Inc. to participate in this event hosted by the recycling center and Women’s Group. We were assigned to the big garden circle in the parking lot that will host the weekly Farmer’s Market starting next month and spent the morning raking off the last shrouds of winter to release the perennials already shooting their way to the sun.

I am more comfortable slogging through muck and mire than sipping wine at a cocktail party, so my initial newbie awkwardness with this group quickly disappeared as we went about digging and pruning, raking and weeding. There is something about DIRT that puts everyone on the same level.

Nina of Red Barn Farm, (my favorite farmer…)
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4 Responses to Caring for Ringwood Day 2010

  1. What a great idea. More towns should have events like this and get everyone involved taking care of their town.

  2. It's so nice to be free of trash for a while, isn't it? Couldn't agree more about being more comfortable slogging through muck and mire than being at a cocktail party (I like the wine part though). 🙂

  3. Everyone looks like they're having so much fun. Way better than a cocktail party.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nina is my favorite farmer too ! Great pictures and blog .

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