The Birds Are Back!

I was beginning to worry that the bump off the earth’s axis caused by the earthquake in Chile had knocked the warblers off the planet. It has been too quiet here.

It has been a long, hard winter, with deep snows and frozen mornings. The return of warmth is overdue. While not fond of the heat and humidity soon to come, I am grateful for green. Maybe I am being just a little impatient.

I was encouraged by David LaPuma’s Woodcreeper post that a local breakthrough of sorts was finally occurring Thursday night and weather conditions turned in favor of flight. The radar pointed to avian arrivals just east of where I live. Funny how it “happened” to coincide with a few planned days off work….

Black and White Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
This Hermit Thrush has spotted a tasty morsel.

Migration is serious business. By the time these birds get here, they are close to starving. I stand far away from from foraging birds, knowing every interruption is more energy expended to avoid danger, leaving that much less for survival.

While standing on the trail, the birder became the one who was watched as this Male Eastern Towhee flew in and followed me around.

White-throated Sparrow
“Hmmm…I am feeling a little peckish.”
“This looks snacky!”
“Nice crunch to it! Would you care for a spider?”
The birds are not the only thing I shared the woods with that morning. This doe will soon drop her fawn.

It’s MAY! Birders’ month in NJ!

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9 Responses to The Birds Are Back!

  1. Maria says:

    What a great morning and wonderful pictures.

  2. Glad to hear the birds are finally coming back. We've got lots of what I think are Ravens, they seem a little big for crows. And the usual barn birds. Surprisingly, we've only got a few geese this year. I hope they passed us by for a better pond. It's not that I don't like them it's just that they make such a mess with their droppings. You've really captured some great pictures of the birds and the deer. Have fun birding in May.

  3. I've noticed the birds are coming back here as well. It's a good thing because the sound of the frogs was drowning out everything.

  4. Diane, this post is wonderful and your photos are exquisite! Enjoy the month of May!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Great pics!!!

  6. Wonderful photos, DeeJ! I love your scientific approach to birding–checking radar, etc. I am impressed. Glad you are enjoying spring!

  7. Spring has definitely come to New Jersey – gorgeous photos! I love the one of the deer. We've already got a nest full of baby birds in Silk's stall.

  8. Wendy says:

    mmm… the sun is poking out from the clouds here. I may need to take a little walk – your birds are beautiful.

  9. dlg says:

    Oh, how cute are they? Am imagining the spring-is-here sound they make as I view your amazing pics!

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