Search Engine Optimization and Red-tailed Hawks

I was recently involved in a discussion about computer operating systems, PCs vs Macs, websites and designs. We debated the merits of Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare. We talked about content management and carried on about the role of search engine optimization in pouncing on your interests and perhaps your money. 

Websites want you to find them, so a great deal of attention is given to make that happen. Search engine optimization picks up on the keywords you type in the search box and displays a list of websites who would love you to visit. Keywords are triggers (the power of language!) that display the page of results. The websites (or advertising) seen on the first page or two of your screen are the ones you will most likely visit.

I was thinking about our conversation on my way out for lunch. While unlocking the car door, the hoarse scream of a Red-tailed Hawk made me look up. From a white cloud heaving itself across the sky, the silhouette of a hawk circled as if born of the sun and was now connecting heaven and earth by the reach of its wings. It drifted into the blue, then swung around to drift back while slowly descending an invisible ladder toward an expanse of tall grass across the street. As the hawk soared closer I could see it flicking its head, searching the grass for a movement that would key the bird in to a mouse that was itself searching for food.

Search engine optimization indeed. On the wing.

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3 Responses to Search Engine Optimization and Red-tailed Hawks

  1. Great picture. I do very little work on my computer apart from writing and small forays into search engines. When I do go into search engine mode most of the details I'm searching for never come up. I think I had better put in more concise keywords or in other words be more like the hawk zeroing in on exactly what I'm looking for.

  2. Maria says:

    He's beautiful

  3. Chris Petrak says:

    I've been behind on by blog reading and came to this post thinking I might get some tips – instead I found a beautiful transition from technology to nature – a reminder that these computers that tie us up inside are no substitute for what we see – and hear – when we step outdoors.

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