Delete or Not to Delete….

OakintheSeed has been at zero production. When I click on the last post, my old dog’s intelligent face still gazes at me. I wake up during the night with ideas for topics to write about but the next morning comes along and getting ready for work pushes the ideas aside.  Blogging is an enjoyable hobby but can also be just another job to do in an already busy day. 

My book club friends tell me they miss it.

I miss it too.

I contemplate deleting OakintheSeed but can’t bear the thought that with one click of the mouse, a part of me will disappear forever. Does Google have some protocol for dumping abandoned blogs? Who knows? My blog has languished a long time now, despite a private New Year’s resolution to post at least once a week (which is why I never publicly make New Year’s resolutions).

It would be easier if I traveled or had kids or a farm with rescued animals, places and people to tell stories about. Stories are why readers go to the popular blog sites, stories amusing or sad, instructive or reflective. Stories unfold in our minds with identifiable parts even if the plots may be unfamiliar. My daily stories would be about another day in the office in a job I like and am grateful to have, but who wants to read about that?

But today, a fellow blogger tipped the scales.  Thank you, Adrienne.

As long as you will excuse my sporadic entries, as long as you do not mind occasional repeat topics, as long as you don’t mind reading plain old ordinary stuff, I will keep blogging.

And no…we do not have a dog yet, but knowing the door of possibility is open has fueled some good energy.  Here is my inspiration: My soulmate friend in Rhode Island, a woman who owns and has trained three Delta certified therapy dogs. Here are two of them out for a daily play session in a nearby park:

See you next time, my friends….

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7 Responses to Delete or Not to Delete….

  1. I know what you mean when you say blogging can feel like another job because I feel like that sometimes too. There are so many things I have to get done in a day or a week, I don't feel I have the time or the energy to come up with an idea or an interesting story. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't but I keep at it because I like the connection it gives me to fellow bloggers with similar interests.

    I like reading your blog, you're a good writer with a very unique take on life and inner feelings and you are definitely one of those rare people who sees beyond the norm and can make a good story out of your observations. I always find it interesting so I do hope you decide to keep at it if only sporadically. We'd miss you if you were gone from the blogosphere.

  2. Maria says:

    Pretty much same thing happening for me. I look forward to your occassional post whenever the mood strikes you so enjoy it. Thanks for the info, still not sent it any further yet but will get to that.

  3. RevMomVt says:

    YAY!!! Glad you will still post even if it is just occasional. I would miss your unique writings and always enjoy reading them! I still say, you should publish!!!

    Love, cc

  4. Wendy says:

    I am so glad you will be sticking around. I love your blog, mostly because I feel like you are a far-away, never-before-met friend. I would miss not having you around.

    My posts have been very on and off lately as well. Mostly off. But I'm slowly getting back into it. It seems to be an outlet for connection that I need.

    Those dogs are beautiful!

  5. Hooray! I'm so happy you decided to stay. I think it's totally acceptable to allow some time to pass between posts. It shows that you care about your craft. I look forward to reading whenever you decide to share. 🙂

    The dogs are beautiful!

  6. Definitely don't delete! Do it for you and post when it's right.

  7. dlg says:

    How reassuring to know that you (and many of your readers) find it tough to blog on a regular basis. I feel your pain but also vote “Yes!” to keeping Oak in the Seed alive. Your words and photos inspire. And the only one keeping score is you.

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