What is Loved is Never Lost

While dragging out fleece and flannel for the coming winter, I took one last look at summer and a vacation week spent with some special women. Nine of us rented this house “down the shore” and spent the week laughing, listening and enjoying a special kind of solitude.
Bridge from the house over the dunes to “our” beach. 

We are each a story unto ourselves, and a story when we are together. In one house, for one week, we carried our history of living and learning, losing and finding again. Some lost loved ones. Others lost their own souls for a time.
But we are still here. 

There is something about watching the ocean…
I do not know when I laughed so often or so much! You may not know these women by name, but if you are reading this, you are one of us in your heart. 
From my humble perspective, there ain’t nothin’ better than goin’ to the beach with 9 women who are all FOODIES.
We played games.

 Hung out on the beach.


Created STUNNING artwork.
We rejoiced in ourselves, in each other, and in this Universe.  
We left our mark.
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6 Responses to What is Loved is Never Lost

  1. I love the pictures of your friends laughing, and the silhouette of your friend with arms outstretched–breathtaking!
    And I really like the shot of the beach chairs resting against the fence, waiting to be useful at a moment's notice. That image made me smile.

  2. deejbrown says:

    The silhouette of the one with arms outstretched was (gratefully) yours truly.

  3. Great pictures of beautiful friends sharing a lovely time. I love the ocean and miss it since we moved from Long Island where it was so easily accessible.There is something about the ocean that soothes the soul. Luckily, at this moment I am up in Cape Cod and will be digging my toes in the sand at the beach soon. Thanks for the lovely pictures and sentiments.

  4. Lovely! Thanks for sharing this out – your writing never ceases to inspire me!

    Love, cc

  5. These photos just radiate good times and loving friends. What a gorgeous spot to hang out and enjoy each other's company! It makes me want to get on the phone and call all my girlfriends to plan an escape together. Your silhouette with arms outstretched says it all.

  6. Kim says:

    Oh, Di, I am more than a little bit jealous. It sounds like it was a little slice of heaven, and your photos were stunning! Thanks for sharing. : )

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