The Civil War-Ongoing

I’ll bet you thought the Civil War was over, right? Well, Confederate and Union soldiers are still at it every fall at Museum Village, New York. For 37 years, the oldest Civil War Re-enactment in New York State is relived here. Ken and I went to watch it this afternoon and were impressed with the authenticity of their uniforms, the encampments (where many spend the night) and the willingness of the participants to share both the history of the war and their passion for re-enactments.

Oh, by the way, the handsome guy with the beard standing next to his lovely wife happens to be my nephew, an officer with the Zouave troops, who “were well trained and disciplined and were famous for great feats on the battlefield, and often mischief and rowdiness off the battlefield.” 

That’s about right.

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2 Responses to The Civil War-Ongoing

  1. It looks like an interesting way to spend the day. I've never seen a re-enactment. Everything looks very authentic. Great pictures too!

  2. Very cool!!! Nice dude next to the recruitment table as well! What great weather this weekend to spend it studying 'war no more'…miss you and Ken and kitties and doggy.

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