Living in the How: Germinating

If I were going to write a post for my blog, OakintheSeed, and that is a big IF, I would keep it private, for myself only, no one else would have access to it. I would publish it for mine own eyes only. IF I were to write a blog post for OakintheSeed, my blog that I love, let languish for months, toyed with letting it fade by not renewing the domain name but did, I would write about Florida and how I ended up moving here. I tried it the other day, put up one picture, never got past the first sentence before my writing muse spooked.

If I were to write it anyway, this blog post about moving to Florida, it would go sort of like this:
So. We moved to Florida last August. Sold the first house we ever owned and cared for in a town I loved but couldn’t afford to live in any more, left my job of 28 years that I should have left 25 years before but figured there was no harm in staying in a position I enjoyed and contributed some good stuff to until it became a job I got stuck in, left friends I loved and some I didn’t, left the state I was born and raised in and called home for over 60 years. When in one week’s time it all came together, (or fell apart, depending upon perspective) I climbed into the Rav and drove away from my life as I knew it, which pretty much felt like I had hurled myself into a high speed cement mixer set on super dooper for the next six months. 
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One Response to Living in the How: Germinating

  1. It's so good to hear from you again!

    I agree it would be hard to move from the familiar but it must have been in the cards. I'll have to get to all the other posts I see up and see how it going.

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