Taking the Long Way Home

 I am in Vermont at the moment, visiting with my sister & her husband & connecting with family. I am nuts about them, love nothing more than being part of their lives, so much so that I have made up my mind to say goodbye to Florida and head back north. 
Some friends know about this decision, my family certainly does. It seems crazy but I am not exactly the first person in the world who made a Life Decision to marry someone or choose a career or relocate somewhere only to realize OOPS, THIS AIN’T GONNA WORK. It feels like one of those old cartoons where the main character gets slammed into a wall and slithers to the floor, flat as a pancake. It takes awhile to get up. You’re never the same again. But that’s the point, isn’t it?

So this trip is really about looking for a home in a place that has been home to me all along, before being seduced by warm winters and easy living. Before I learned that trusting what your heart tells you has its own compass arrow.

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2 Responses to Taking the Long Way Home

  1. Ann Marie says:

    Welcome home Diane.

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